CSI Camera

- Fingerprint camera
- Fingerprint cam
- 254cam

Safety Warning:

UVC light will cause cancer and damage to livestock. Wear eye protection and body protection. Don’t expose under UVC light.


Product Specifications:

Picture with product diagrams


- Carry case
- Modified Canon 70D with over 20 Mega Pixels resolutions
- Modified CMOS (Patent Pending)
- Special fix UV lens (EF 80mm f/3.5)
- UVC light is included but users can use their own UVC light
sources. UVC light need a 110V source.


Marketing points:

Amino Acid Fingerprints
Using fluorescent powder to collect will be very possible to damage the fingerprints.
World first portable RUVIS with “direct search and catch (and transfer)” function. No fluorescent powder is needed. The image resolution is over 20 mega pixels and can be transfer to your smartphone immediately. (Per Canon 70D Wi-Fi function)

Technology behind CSI Camera:

Blood, seminal fluid, saliva and urine stains can be seen under the UV light. However, fingerprint, is not easy. You need to use fluorescent powder and UV light to search and collect the evidence. We found fingerprint can be seen under UVC 254nm light in a different method. By using a special designed lens, camera, and camera CMOSE sensor, you can easily search the fingerprint and catch the fingerprint by simply click a button. Moreover, you can transfer image immediately to your smartphone and send out to the lab.

Fingerprint camera/ Fingerprint cam/ 254cam

Modified Canon 70D with over 20 Mega Pixels resolutions

Special fix UV lens (EF 80mm f/3.5).